To build a vibrant community centered exclusively around fashion.

A community that inspires freedom of expression through fashion regardless of background or social status. And a place that encourages support for independent designers, boutiques, and fashion related small businesses around the country.

The way we dress represents how we feel, who we are, and where we’re going.

Couture Lane is a community centered around fashion. Connect with like-minded fashion lovers through photos or discover and support small, independent brands and local boutiques across the United States.

Finding clothes should be about discovery, and having fun while doing it. We believe each experience should be personalized and curated to meet a customer’s unique and individual needs.

Couture Lane exists to bring back the joy of shopping by making it easy to discover collections from major brands and new designers that match a customer’s unique preferences. Customers can browse products from boutiques and apparel merchants across the country and can share what they’ve discovered with close friends and family.

We hope that every experience with Couture Lane gives you the confidence to put your fashion foot forward – and maybe even discover amazing clothes and accessories outside of your comfort zone. No matter your size, shape, style, or budget, Couture Lane will help you look your best.

Derald Andrews –  Founder, CEO

Welcome to the community.

Office Information

Head office 
888 Brannan Street, Suite 1130
San Francisco CA 94103

(415) 735 -6462


International offices
Chennai, Almaty